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Interview with ArtOfficial’s AO Logics

February 10, 2012

How did you guys initially meet up/how did the band come together?

“ArtOfficial came together when a group me and Newsense were in, called Soulwhat?, was on the rocks. We weren’t really doing much at the time, music-wise. Around that same time, our bass player, keys player, and saxophonist’s band broke up. We had common connections because the Miami music scene is tiny. We hooked up, wrote a couple songs, started gigging and that was the beginning right there. “

Did you already know what kind of sound/genre you were going to get into? (If not, how did it evolve into the blend you guys typify so well now?)

“We had no idea. We all came to the table with our strengths. What we are doing just comes natural to us. There was no master plan to blend certain genres. We weren’t trying to come up with a gimmick, just something that sounded good. “

What’s it been like participating in the evolution of the Miami music scene from pretty far back to where it is now?

“The Miami music scene is old. It pre-dates AO by many years. We’re just glad to have a hand in the current scene and to have been around long enough to make an impact and influence whats going on now.”

What do you like and dislike about the scene and how local music is highlighted in it (i.e. do you think venues value local bands and their followings, treat them right, etc.)?

“Right now things are a little crazy. Many venues have shut down over the past few years making it more difficult for bands to financially move forward. With the remaining venues, its a mixed [bag]. Some are appreciative and understanding of how live music works and some are, well….not so understanding. Besides that, we love our supporters and are proud of our peers.” 

Do you think there are enough opportunities for local bands to make the jump into the national consciousness? Or should they resign themselves to being stuck on the “local circuit”?

“This is a really tough business, but ultimately bands have a choice to make on whether they want to stay local, or go national. We have a great team that makes sure we play nationally and keep our name out there.” 

What’s your take on the whole music piracy issue? (I know you’ve had albums streaming online for free; how does that factor in to your take on it?)

“Music piracy is a tidal wave. Nothing is going to stop it. Not the bills the government is trying to pass, not lawsuits, and not the record labels. You have to go with the flow. Accept the reality and make the best of it. Sell what you can, play where you can, license your music where you can, and keep it moving. 10 years ago, if you heard your favorite song on a tv commercial, you would probably disown that band and call them sell outs. Today nobody cares. The public has come to understand that the money has to come from somewhere.”   

How did you guys get involved with the Virginia Key GrassRoots Music Fest? What do you think about their whole philosophy of creating a festival with the goal to integrate with the community that surrounds it (as opposed to most of the bigger ones where they kind of invade small towns)?

“It’s a great idea and we’re happy to have a place in the line up. We’ve played similar festivals in other cities and its always a blast when everyone comes together for the sake of having a good time. We are hoping Grassroots is a huge success and that it continues on for many many years. “

I know you’ve collaborated with a bunch of locals like Mayday, Suenalo, Llamabeats and more. Are there any local bands/musicians who you haven’t had the opportunity to work with but that you’d like to?

“There’s a ton of talent out here. It’s hard to pick one. We haven’t done much with Rachel Goodrich. I’m not sure if we’ve even been on the same bill ever! We dig her vibe. With collaborations sometimes it’s difficult to get everyone’s schedules straighten out, but when it’s meant to happen, it shall happen.”  

How do you see ArtOfficial evolving/progressing, both in the musical sense and career-wise in the next few years?

“I think you will see ArtOfficial having their hands in other people’s music. My band mates are very talented. Don’t be surprised if you see [them] on some big name records. Also, traveling. Lots of traveling. And hopefully some AO music in your new favorite video game or movie. Who knows. The future is wide open.” 

Anything we should know about that’s coming down the pipeline more immediately?

“Grassroots! Be there. Also we’ll be in California, Virgina, Atlanta, Asheville, Nashville, and all over the place in the next few months. Look for us. Also, we are releasing a new song called “Love Sick” which is actually an old song for us, one of the first songs we wrote. We’ve been playing it live for a long time and demand has built up for it so we will be releasing it with a bunch of remixes on the Love Sick EP.”  


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