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Interview with Ketchy Shuby’s lead singer, Jason

February 22, 2012

How did the crazy combination of cats we know as Ketchy Shuby come together back in the day?

“Some of us are childhood and high school friends, but for the most part we all met through playing music with other groups and decided to play together. ”

You say you met playing with other groups; do any of the bandmembers still play with anyone else?

“We are all full-time Shubys for the most part but Chip (keys) and Danny (percussion) also play in this great band called Fusik

What has your experience been coming up in the Miami music scene, where there’s such a dichotomy of people who are all about supporting local live music and people who don’t know it exists?

My experience coming up in Miami has been a lovely and humbling experience so far; there’s no place like it, trust me. I think people who are really into music will dive into the local stuff and support it, and in Miami there’s a lot of support!

Describe your ideal Miami live music venue, or tell us your favorite existing one to play at and why:

“Ideally a venue with full backline since im lazy hahaha, but I don’t know, every venue here is pretty great. My favorite will always be Churchill’s, since it was the first spot I ever played at. The Stage is second to my heart, those people are the best.”

As someone who has great relationships with a bunch of the local staples, from Arboles Libres to Rachel Goodrich, what’s your take on the Miami music community and how they treat each other? 

I mean for the most post part the bands that know each other, love each other you know? We’re all friends with different sounds that share the same mutual love for music. I have so much love for the music acts here in Miami, there’s lots of talent and mostly great people… I love my friends [here]. 

Your voice has the great quality of sounding good both on more down-tempo R&B type songs and loud, bumpin’ soul music; are there any genres of music you’d want to try out that you haven’t already??

“Thank you! I’m not sure, haha, I’ve tried some random stuff before, but usually I stick to what I know and try to do that [well]…  But maybe some Indian and traditional with some tablas, Jamaican steel drum and fuzz guitar or something.”


You book a gig playing a show in heaven. Who’s on stage backing you up and who’s in the crowd being wowed?

“I guess I would play with my band, and maybe invite Etta James, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse to be the “Shubettes” haha; and the crowd maybe some of my friends and family, Django, the 27 club, Syd Barrett, Dr. Suess, Gandhi, and John Lennon” 

The band is playing in the upcoming Aura Music Festival; have you performed at music festivals in the past? If yes, what was your craziest/most memorable experience? If not, what are you most looking forward to at this one?

“We’ve played mostly Miami festivals, and they’ve been great. Craziest memorable experience was at Calle Ocho festival, where we started playing  the first song “Killer” and the wind blew the top off the stage and it collapsed all behind us. We didn’t stop, we rolled with the punches and kept on truckin’! Scary though.”

After just releasing an album along with a bunch of singles and covers, aside from hitting the road for the festival, what’s coming down the pipeline for you guys?

“We got a new album called ” Still Making It Look Easy.” We are still mixing it, and doing everything ourselves this time around. I think a tour is in the works and maybe recording the next album afterwards, which would be called “Downtown Soul” and maybe Vol.2 of “the Singles Club” next year in January.”

You can catch Ketchy Shuby at the Aura Music Festival, March 9th-11th:


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