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5 Reasons You Should Be At Lights Out Festival

July 11, 2012

Written by Guest Blogger: Raquel Ofir

In less than two weeks, the first-ever Lights Out Festival will launch right here in our very own Wynwood Arts District. Part light show and part musical explosion, the festival will be every electronic music lover’s dream come true. With what is sure to be a high energy, electrifying extravaganza, you hardly need a ton of other reasons to go to this event. If for some reason you’re not convinced from just those few sentences though, here’s a list of The Top Five Reasons to Attend LOF:

  1. The Talent

This one-day music festival is packed with both national and local artists. While the main stage indoors will host mostly well known acts such as Felix Da Housecat and Brass Knuckles, the outdoor stage will have more up and coming performances serving as Dementia Events’ spotlight on Miami’s local talent. LOF is anticipating over thirty acts including RJD2, Felix Cartal, and Miami’s own The Digital Breed. Lights Out Festival is combining big name artists with newer performers to create what is sure to be an amazing event. For more information about the festival’s set list, check out

  1. The Atmosphere

This one-day festival is meant to be a marriage between light and sound. Dementia Events is combining intoxicating beats with hypnotizing light shows to create a one of a kind audiovisual experience. With buzzing acts, a laser and spotlight show, an interactive dance floor, a vendor market, and live art installations, Lights Out Festival is going to be a high energy, jam-packed, electronic musical event celebration.

  1. The Price

The Lights Out Festival is more than just another entertaining event. Its focus is to provide people with the artists they love at an affordable price without decreasing any part of the experience. At a starting price of thirty-five dollars for general admission (ticket prices rise every two weeks, tickets are currently forty-five dollars), Dementia Events (the brains behind the festival) has brought the opportunity to see a variety of high-demand performers along with awesome new artists to check out together in one event when usually it would cost the same amount to see just one of the acts on the anticipated set list. Even VIP tickets are more affordable than most music festivals, starting out at seventy dollars (now eighty dollars) and including an exclusive package of a private viewing area, private entry, wait service, and air-conditioned bathrooms.

  1. The Feel-Good Aspect

By attending Lights Out Festival, not only are you taking part in an explosive electronic music event, but you’re also helping out the community. Dementia Events has pledged to donate five percent of event proceeds to local music programs and public school systems, so while those crazy dance moves you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror may not help anyone on the interactive dance floor, your attendance will actually serve the community.

  1. The Historical Moment

Picture this: You are in the midst of an enormous crowd, bumping together to the electric beats pounding out of the speakers. Hands up, eyes closed, you feel the bass drop in the soles of your feet and you see the lights flashing around you, even behind your eyelids. It is as if the entire audience is dancing together, high on adrenaline, celebrating electricity and existence. This is the first-ever Lights Out Festival. You are part of this historical moment, the debut of this festival that blends expression and entertainment, sound and sight, the known and the new into one all-night (and actually affordable) event.

Stay tuned for more coverage including features on some of the acts that will be performing.


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