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The Tragedy Behind Tragedies

April 19, 2013

We want the entire world to be both universally accessible and comfortable and it’s just not possible; everyone wants peace on Earth and a world-wide middle class and an extended life expectancy for all. It’s time to be a little realistic for a minute. There’s only a certain amount of resources the world can produce, both of the renewable variety and the nonrenewable. I’m not a scientist or anything, but I’m pretty sure the human population passed the point of being able to live on the amounts of said resources sustainably a long-ass time ago. Both the best and worst things about humans is our ability to put reality aside and think outside the box sitting in front of us. A dog sees a dead dog in the street and it’s like oh, a dead dog…. squirrel!!! But for us (and often for the animals we like to project our feelings onto) there’s the who did it? why’d they do it? did they deserve it? and myriad of other pointless questions to be dealt with.

What it’s time to understand as a populace is that “not being able to have your cake and eat it too” became a cliche for a reason. If we want more and more people to live longer and longer then we can’t also expect everyone on the globe to live comfortable lives. It’s great to talk about “Well if the whole world lived a little less luxuriously then we could all be equal and happy and comfortable.” Bullshit. Show me the equation that even remotely indicates that if we all chose to drive a Prius then the entire world population would be able to drive one too.

So can we stop with the flood of senseless regret and pontificating about the state of the world every time there’s a tragic event? There’s more people on the planet every day because it’s gotten to be easy enough to live in (when you look at the place as a whole). There aren’t tribes of people who literally traverse continents constantly just to eat and get their clothes and shit. You’re not constantly on guard against your friends and neighbors, wondering which is going to be the one to wipe your family out in order to take over that little patch of grass you call yours. You can go down the block and get a meal that will sustain you for less than $1 (key word “sustain”, all you health people). There’s almost a limitless spectrum of opportunities to earn a living. You’re better off than the people living 100 years ago is my point (let alone the people living in the couple thousand before that)

The downside to the internet and “making the world smaller” is that yes, people in small towns and out of the way places are now able to interact with all the same stuff that’s been making city folk insane for centuries. And yes, occasionally this drives them to do the stupid shit that comes with that exposure.

But howabout for a change let’s focus on the 6.however many billion other people that are alive right now and let the people who actually knew and/or were (ACTUALLY) effected by this most recent and well-publicized of tragedies (since I’m sure there were 1000’s more happening all over the world) have their peace.

*Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as a dismissal of the fact that it’s sad people were hurt and/or killed, but rather a plea that my Facebook newsfeed not be inundated with the same “I totally care about that thing that everyone else is caring about right now” posts for the week following such events. Especially when it’s so blatantly obviously going to be yesterdays news (literally I guess) once the next thing pops up a few weeks later; case in point, I started writing this piece in response to the trial of the Aurora killer and it’s just as valid now because I doubt anyone remembers that guy’s name and yet here we are doing the same thing again.


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