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A Chat With The Bright Light Social Hour Before Heading To Hangout Music Festival

May 15, 2013

If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch The Bright Light Social Hour one of the handful of times they’ve played in Miami, you won’t truly know what you’re missing out on. Suffice it to say that when I spotted them on the lineup for The Hangout Beach Music Festival, I was as excited to see them on there as I was for some of the “big-time” names on the list like the Roots and The Shins.


I got the chance to get some questions answered by the band’s bassist Jack O’Brien before I get to meet up with them at the festival for some follow ups:

I’ve seen you guys play multiple times in Miami, what do you like about playing there?

The beach, Cuban food, fun-loving people, we really love Miami. There doesn’t seem to be as concentrated a scene of rock/psych as some other big cities, but it’s kind of a good thing as a band, you feel you’re filling an important duty.

I’ve always thought the band could have just as easily been from Miami, especially with the song “Bare Hands Bare Feet” (both the sentiments in it and the fact that there’s some Spanish thrown in); are there any cities you guys have an affinity for aside from your hometown?

Portland, Toronto, New Orleans, but none of them have beach like y’all!

Who have you seen/played with in Miami that you wouldn’t miss for anything if they were playing in Austin one night?

London Souls

Does it make things easier or harder that all the members of the band are extremely talented at playing their specific instruments? (Common sense would say “easier” but does it ever get competitive?)

Thanks! No it’s never competitive. It’s important to remember to always use your powers for good. We try to prioritize saying something with the music, and letting the instrumentation serve the function that works best for the song.

Fan-submitted question: “How come they’re always so freaking energetic? Is it drugs, ladies, passion or money?”

 Ha! Definitely not drugs, ladies or money. There’s never enough of any of those to go around. So, passion?

“Detroit” has to be one of the most sexually-charged songs I’ve ever heard; what are some of the crazier reactions you’ve gotten from the ladies when you get into that one on tour?

Once in San Diego a girl licked Curt’s guitar doing the solo, but that’s a rare occurrence.

Hangout (while smaller than some of the bigger name festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo) is a pretty big festival; do you have any preference among your many different festival experiences? (Either with specific festivals or just on the bigger ones vs. the smaller ones)

We love both! Any opportunity to play outside with people fully removed from the everyday. Bigger fests are exciting because of all the people, press, murderous sound systems and general excitement, but we played Ness Creek, a small fest in northern Saskatchewan, Canada and that was an unmatched experience. It was the day after we were robbed of our most valuable equipment, and there was no cellular service or internet, so it was just 3 days in the gorgeous forest with amazing people and generous musicians who were eager to lend us instruments for the performance.

Are there any acts performing at Hangout that you guys are particularly excited to see and/or meet?

Very excited that we’re playing immediately before Holy Ghost on the Letting Go stage! Also, Kendrick Lamar, The Roots and The Tontons from Houston.

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